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Florida State Seminoles Win Weekend Series at North Carolina Tarheels

The #5 ‘Noles accomplished something they have not done since 2000 and that was winning a series at North Carolina.  The Seminoles won both games in thanks to late inning comebacks scoring 2 runs in the 8th and 9th innings of games 1 and 3.  Those wins puts FSU at 15-4 overall and 3-3 in the ACC.

The inability to watch any of the games limits the amount of analysis one can offer but when looking at the stats there are a few conclusions that you can draw.

Florida State's starting pitching is an issue.

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Outside of Sean Gilmartin the ‘Noles starters pitched poorly against a mediocre Carolina lineup.  When you look at how the weekend starters have fared so far in ACC it is pretty easy to see that not one pitcher has been overly impressive.

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I realize this is a small sample size but it is important to take notice of where players are at certain points in the season and see if they continue to improve or decline from there.   The blame for starters not pitching deeper into games shouldn't fall completely on to Gast or Parker but towards the head coach Mike Martin.  The numbers show that there are certain areas where Gilmartin is being out preformed but it seems that #11 and his quick hook looks past the numbers and goes with his "feelings".   Martin needs to have more faith in his starters and needs to stop taxing the bullpen the way he does. 

Florida State's bullpen has been good, very good.

Despite all of #11's mismanagement and despite the UVA meltdown the bullpen has been solid.

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The 2010 bullpen is doing their best to keep FSU in games after the starters are pulled whether warranted or not.  The amount of innings pitch is a bit alarming and in an attempt to save the starters arms FSU is endangering the health of the arms of relievers.

Florida State can hit and will hit.

There is no reason to be concerned with the offensive numbers that FSU has put up so far in ACC play.  They just faced two of the top pitching clubs in the ACC and they managed to score 5 runs per game.  Upcoming series against the likes of Maryland and Wake Forest will show fans just how truly potent this line up is.

Going 3-3 against to open ACC play is great but the concerns above need to be monitored and are hopefully something that is correctable.   Welcome to Florida State Baseball.