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SW Dekalb (GA) OLB Terrance Smith commits to the Florida State Seminoles

Terrance Smith is one of the top players in Georgia and one of the better linebackers in the country.
Terrance Smith is one of the top players in Georgia and one of the better linebackers in the country.


Ht: 6'3" or 6'4''  | Wt: 210-215 (he runs track so it fluctuates) |  40: 4.6

Terrance Smith, who plays OLB and DE for Southwest Dekalb High School in Georgia has let the world know that he intends to sign with Florida State when the recruiting process is over.

Smith broke the news via his facebook page, he has officially decided to commit to Florida State today.

Terrance Smith: Man Ima Seminole... FSU here we come

Terrance is an extremely gifted athlete as you can see from his video, while he plays both DE and OLB for his team, he projects as LB on the next level. He plays extremely quick, tackles well, takes good angles to the ball, and seems like the type of player who can fit in at either OLB spot depending on growth.  For the most part, Dekalb just sends him off the edge to create havoc, so he is somewhat raw.  But that is why FSU pays Greg Hudson a lot of money, and Hudson has to be thrilled to have an athlete of Smith's caliber in his linebacker corps.  He is in no way stiff, he moves his 6'4'' frame very well. While this is only an opinion, I think he is the best player committed to the Seminoles at this time for 2011. He is definitely on par with Tyler Hunter, Cortez Davis, and Derrick Mitchell at least.

He is still fairly thin for his frame, he will need to add strength and bulk to fulfill his frame potential, however, he is going into his senior year of high school and has plenty of time to do so.  210 for a high school junior linebacker who runs track is not small.  This player's potential is through the roof. The Seminoles are lucky to have Smith committed as the 11th player in the class. He will likely be a 4** when the recruiting rankings come out, and is probably one of the top 20 or 25 players in the state of Georgia. Having already pulled Tyler Hunter from the state, as well as Greg Reid, Telvin Smith, Gerald Demps, and others,  FSU has shown its ability to go into Georgia and pull top tier players away from UGA and GT.

He joins Nile Lawrence-Stample, Keelin Smith, Lamarcus Brutus, Trey Pettis, Karlos Williams, Cortez Davis, Sterling Lovelady, Eric Beverly, Tyler Hunter and Derrick Mitchell in the next recruiting class for FSU.


Terrance Smith #24 - Senior Highlights (via DonovanJarvis)