FSU and other state Universities need your help

There is a SERIOUS issue brewing in our state legislature that affects the future of FSU. Florida State and other state Universities in Florida need your help. Please read this very important information below: There is a bill making its way through the Florida state legislature that is attempting to give the University of Florida flagship university status. Currently, no schools in the state have the flagship designation. For those of you who are unaware, universities that carry the flagship designation typically receive preferential treatment when it comes to receiving state and federal funding, as well as numerous other special programs. This current attempt at flagship status is nothing more than an attempt by alumni of the University of Florida to give UF an unearned and permanent advantage over every university in the state via legislative fiat. Should this bill pass, FSU and every other state university will be put in permanent second place status and will be unable to compete with UF for legislative dollars and programs. They have tried this before and each time it has failed because alumni and stakeholders of the other universities have put a stop to it. I highly encourage you to contact your state house representatives and senators to inform them of the damage of this bill. Also, please contact your friends who are alumni of schools such as USF, UCF, FIU, FAU, etc. to let them know how this bill will adversely impact their universities as well. Please contact the Tampa Bay Seminole Club's current secretary, H.L. Prindle, at for more information on how to contact your local representative and let them know this bill must not pass. H.L also has a form letter which you can send to your representative.

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