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Jumbo Athlete Amos Lapp Commits to the Florida State Seminoles


The Noles may have got a head start on the 2011 recruiting class, but apparently they weren't quite done with the 2010 class just yet.   Today they picked up a commitment from Amos Lapp, a 6'3'' 305 pound jumbo athlete from Berlin, Ohio.  You're gonna have to bare with us on this one, because this commitment comes from completely out of the blue.  We're told he plays guard and defensive tackle for his local team.  Lapp will enroll this summer and join the team in the fall.

Very little, if any, film exists on this kid.  Apparently he visited Tallahassee during his traditional rumspringa and enjoyed the campus.  During a chance meeting with Florida State offensive line coach Rick Trickett, the coach was apparently impressed with his work ethic and offered him a scholarship to play football.  We have to confess, an unrated white guy that no one's ever heard of is exactly the type of player Trickett always seems to find.

We're having a difficult time finding any information on this kid, so we don't know what kind of 40 he runs.  We've heard stories that while on his visit in late December he beat Budd Thacker in a bench press competition, so he clearly has some upper body strength and could potentially contribute on the defensive or offensive line right away.  His combination of strength and size, combined with some of the rumors we've heard about his mean streak on the field could potentially turn this kid into a monster on the gridiron.

Communication with Lapp has proven to be difficult as you might expect, but it is compounded by the fact that he only speaks an old German dialect.  The Noles might have signed Bjoern Werner last cycle merely to be Lapp's interpreter.

There are some qualification concerns, as Lapp has never taken a standardized test nor attended a regular school.  However he has allegedly memorized the entire Old Testament, so we're quite confident he can reach the necessary test score.

This addition makes it more likely that a player like Cameron Irving will redshirt this season.  It additionally adjusts the number of players Florida State can take in the 2011 class without major attrition.

The Tomahawk Nation Depth Chart has been updated to reflect this commitment.