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Florida State Spring Football Fantasy Draft 10 AM Thursday: Overflow Thread #2

Original and Overflow Thread #1

NOTE:  This is for non-moderators as well as TN staff.  You don't need to be here all day Thursday to participate.  Give your thoughts whenever you feel like doing so.

As you may know, Florida State will hold a draft to pick teams for its April 10th Spring game.   FSU will likely use captains to pick the teams, and the coaches will make sure the teams are balanced.  I thought members might be interested in doing something similar.  But we'll need some rules. 

  • First, because of E.J. Manuel's shoulder surgery, the talent differential at the quarterback position is enormous (Heisman Trophy Favorite v. redshirt freshman). As such, the draft order is altered a bit.  Team Garnet gets Ponder and does get 5 of the first 10 picks, but team Gold gets 5 of the top 8 selections. The draft order is below, at right. 
  • Additionally, to ensure that each team ends up with the correct amount of players at each position, when a team selects a player, the opposing team will receive a corresponding player at that position as dictated by the table below.  For instance, team Garnet selects Christian Ponder, team Gold gets Will Secord.  That also creates a really interesting strategy dynamic.  Players with really good backups might not present the best value in the early rounds!
  • Teams may not select players from the "give" category, as the chart has been formatted to reflect the 1st and 2nd stringers from the most recent scrimmage.  
  • Only the players on the "available" list are eligible to be drafted.  If you want Cameron Wade, Justin Bright, or Ed Imeokporia, that's not happening. 
  • Players must play at the position I list them. 
  • The draft starts tomorrow morning, 10 AM Eastern time.  
  • Commenters, please assemble and pick teams!  When you decide what team you want to join, please click on your user name and then click "edit profile",  then type "Team ______" into your "signature" box, then click "update", so that people know what team you're on.  
  • You may not switch teams after 10AM, Thursday.
  • Select a team captain.  The captain will be responsible for giving the official picks.  Note that multiple captains are acceptable if, for example, the captain can represent his team for the 10AM, Noon, and 1PM time slots, but not for the other time slots.  In that case a different captain will serve for the remaining time slots.
  • Teams may discuss their potential selections in the comment section, but their captain will make the ultimate choices.  The picks must be in by the time listed in the "Draft History" portion of the table.  For instance, Team Gold must make its 3 consecutive selections by 10 AM Eastern time. 
  • On Friday, we will have the non-participating Tomahawk Nation staff vote for who they think has the better team! 
  • A note about game play:  Both teams will run the same offense and defense.  Assume that the starters and backups will play equal snaps (Ponder can't take 100% of the plays for team Garnet). 
Garnet Gold Available Players Draft Tracker/ Schedule
Pos Name Pos Name Get Give Time Due Pick Got Gave
QB Ponder QB Secord QB IN Garnet Ponder Secord
QB W.O. QB Trickett QB 10 AM Gold Trickett W.O.
RB Jones RB Thomas RB 10 AM Gold McMahon Stanley
RB Pryor RB Smiley RB 10 AM Gold Bradham Alexander
RB Pressley RB Thompson RB
11 AM Garnet Hudson Spurlock
TE Reliford TE Little TE

11 AM Garnet Datko Orelus
WR Reed WR Fortson WR NOON Gold Sanderson Snider
WR Haulstead WR Smith WR NOON Gold White Hicks
WR Alexander WR Gehres WR 1 PM Garnet Stork Mandala
OT Datko OT Orelus OT 1 PM Garnet Reliford Little
OT Snider OT Sanderson OT 2 PM Gold Thomas Jones
OG Hudson OG Spurlock OG 2 PM Gold McDaniel Dawkins
OG Stork OG Mandala OG

3 PM Garnet Pryor Smiley
C Stanley (WO) C McMahon C 3 PM Garnet McCloud McAllister
LE Hicks LE White LE 4 PM Gold Parks Harley
RE Stevens RE Jenkins RE 4 PM Gold Jenijie Reid
DT Dawkins DT McDaniel DT 5 PM Garnet Smith Luc
DT McCloud DT McAllister DT 5 PM Garnet Moody Demps
SLB Alexander SLB Bradham SLB 6 PM Gold Carr Williams
MLB Smith MLB Luc MLB 6 PM Gold Thompson Pressley
WLB Williams WLB Carr WLB 7 PM Garnet Reed Fortson
FCB Reid FCB Jenijie FCB 7 PM Garnet Haulstead Smith
BCB Rhodes BCB Allen BCB 8 PM Gold Gehres Alexander
FS Harley FS Parks FS 8 PM Gold Allen Rhodes
SS Moody SS Demps SS Last Garnet Stevens Jenkins

Any questions, potential problems, etc?  Let us know now.  Team Gold is on the clock for the next 20 hours it seems.