Schedule Matters: ESPN's Heather Dinich takes notice of ACC Schedules


I know I've discussed this at length, but it is good to see other media members catching on. BC might be the 3rd best team in the Atlantic Division, but their conference schedule is why they will likely be co-favorites with FSU for the division. Remember that FSU, BC, and Clemson play the same opponents within the Atlantic division. Boston College -- Virginia Tech, at Duke, Virginia (likely 11 combined ACC wins) Florida State -- at Virginia, at Miami, North Carolina (likely 14 combined ACC wins) Clemson -- Miami, at North Carolina, Georgia Tech (likely 17 combined ACC wins) 2011 FSU-- Miami (always), UVA, & @ Duke (likely 11 ACC wins) BC-- @ VT (always), Duke, and @ Miami (likely 13 or 14 ACC wins) Clemson-- UNC, @ VT, and @ GT (always) (likely 17 ACC wins) Totals for 2010 + 2011 Coastal Opponents BC's opponents: Likely 24-24 Conf record FSU's opponents: Likely 25-23 Conf record Clemson's opponents: Likely 34-14 Conf record) And for 2012 FSU's opponents: Duke, @ Miami, @ VTech (likely 13-11) Clemson's opponents: @ Duke, VT, GTech (likely 13-11) BC's opponents: @ GT, Miami, VTech (likely 17-7) 2011+ 2012 Coastal Opponent's Likely Records FSU's opponents: 24-24 Clemson's opponents: 30-18 BC's opponents: 30-18 2010+ 2011 + 2012 Coastal opponents & likely conference records FSU: 38-34 BC: 41-31 Clemson: 47-25 Having Duke and UVA really matters if you are an Atlantic team. And if you don't capitalize when you have them it's a 4 year wait until you have both again. Clemson should have done more in 2007 and 2008. Probably the right move to fire Tommy Bowden.