NCAA Restricts Recruiting Visits By More Than 2 Coaches


The link talks about it in respect to Auburn (hummer limo) and their Tiger Prowl, but this affects everyone. It also bans Tennessee and their "VolCopter" from landing on the football field at a local high school. The NCAA has now restricted the amount of coaches from one staff that can visit a kid to 2. This is effective immediately. This is a big deal because schools, including FSU, will send 4 or 5 coaches (UGA was sending 7, the maximum allowable under the previous rule) to see a kid at the same time to show how interested in him they are. Georgia and Auburn, however, are the prime suspects here. This increases the importance of having as many good recruiters on staff as possible because sending two guys really isn't that much more impressive than one. FSU has a huge advantage, however, when it sends Coley and Gran, a South Florida tag team comprised of two coaches who have each vied for national recruiter of the year. Few teams have a better 1-2 punch than FSU's Coley-Gran. It also means (IMO) that winning has just become more important. A power school can now slow play a kid a bit more because another school will have a harder time showing him more interest.