Random Links of Interest


The fanshot title link takes you to an article on College Gridiron 365. Andrea Adelson wrote a brief writeup on Jeff Luc as one of five "freshmen to watch" in 2010. Not too much news there, per se. But its nice to see Luc get some love. Also from the CG365, The Sporting News has released its top 100. FSU comes in at number 14, but Miami leads the ACC at 4. I am personally not quite sure that there is a top 5 team down there in Coral Gables. But thats just me. From the Three Point Stance at, Phil Steele thinks Oklahoma will win it all this year. Kind of a factor to us since, you know, we kind of play them this season and what not. But again, I might have to disagree. Mostly because there is a lack of a team from the SEC in his title game prediction. As much as I would love to see that happen, I just don't think that Alabama will strike out enough to get ruled out of the number one spot. Not even with hosting Penn State, but that game will tell us much.