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Florida State Seminoles Target Evaluation: Giorgio Newberry

Giorgio Newberry is considered one of the best defensive end prospects in the southeast. He also shines at offensive line, basketball, and in the classroom.
Giorgio Newberry is considered one of the best defensive end prospects in the southeast. He also shines at offensive line, basketball, and in the classroom.

The first installment of a series that our recruiting coverage will feature throughout this year is to write evaluations on FSU's targets this cycle. We at TomahawkNation always try to give honest evaluations when a player commits, however I was told by some of our readers that they would like to see more evaluations to get to know the players FSU is recruiting throughout the process. The first player we will take a look at is Fort Pierce Central's Giorgio Newberry.

Newberry is considered one of the premier players in the state of Florida and likely a 4* player on all of the big recruiting websites, we have had him in our top 40 players in FL to watch for 2011 for over a year. He plays both strongside defensive end and offensive tackle for his team, shining at both. However, it is our opinion (and most people's quite honestly) that his college future is on the defensive side of the ball.  Florida State is in need of defensive ends this year, and Giorgio Newberry is high on the wish list for the Seminoles. Newberry claims offers from many great programs including Florida State, Florida, LSU, Clemson, Notre Dame, North Carolina, South Carolina and more.


Ht: 6'6''

Wt: 257

40: 4.7


The first thing that you notice about Newberry is that he is big, really big. Going into his senior year at 6'6'' 257 shows a player who is very physically mature and close to defensive end playing weight right away. Coach Fisher has made it known that he wants big defensive ends and this is just another sign that is the case. He also shows above average upper body strength. When he is playing offensive line he is capable of dominating and when he plays defensive line he is able to toss players aside. Part of this is that at the high school level not many players have his size, but he appears to possess plus strength in the upper body.

One of Newberry's biggest assets is that he plays well within his defensive scheme. In the video he is asked to do a number of things. To drop into zone, rush the qb, and string the run and he shows exceptional recognition. While this is only highlights, it is very promising that he is recognizing screens, playing different line techniques, and is capable of understanding what the goal of the play is. He has offers from Notre Dame and Duke, so not only should qualifying not be an issue but it also reinforces the fact that his ability to recognize is real. Newberry does have the problem that he stands up at the line and doesn't play with good leverage, which is a very common problem at the high school level and is coachable but he seems to rely on his strength. Players who have no business blocking Newberry are able to keep him engaged for a short time before he eschews them and persues the play. He doesn't seem to have a phenomenal first step (or get off) to circumvent this problem so he will need to take in the coaching to fix this hole in his game. However, Newberry does do a great job of staying with the play. If he is blocked he gets his hands up, as the play moves near or away from him he finds the ball and moves off of his block to get after it. He has a good motor.

Also Newberry shows above average speed for his size when tracking down the ball. To me, it looks like he isn't exceptionally flexible and needs to work on lateral movement, however, he has shown much better lateral movement in camps this spring. Overall, Giorgio Newberry is a player who has a very high ceiling due to his size/speed/strength and also the fact that he plays within his scheme and with a high motor. He has holes in his game, but almost every high school player does, and he needs to continue to take in coaching and work. He is a 4* type player and one that the Seminoles are persuing, having had him on campus already.