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FSU's Season Ends with a Monumental Collapse

Florida State started the 8th inning up 7-3 and ended the inning down 11-7.  Terrible defense and poor pitching doomed the Noles yet again.  Feel free to voice your frustrations here as we will have a full recap tomorrow.

It would be easy to feel bad for Mike Martin if he put FSU in the best position to win instead of handcuffing the Noles with poor hires and in-game decisions.   Florida State's pitchers deserve a lot better than Jamey Shouppe. Disappointed that coach Martin continues to employ coach Shouppe to the detriment of his pitchers.

Proud of the effort put forth by the players this year as they often had to defeat both their opponent and their own coaching!

But not all the coaches hurt the team.  A lot of credit needs to go to Mike Martin Jr (hitting coach), who is one of the best in the business and consistently molds his players into hitters that put together professional at-bat after professional at-bat.

Also, our prayers are with Parker in the hope that his elbow injury is not as serious as it appeared on TV.

There is just no excuse for FSU's pitching to regress year after year. We'll have a full reaction to the game tomorrow and more on the season in the coming days.