FSU Baseball Finishes the Season Ranked 6th


On the surface this is great news for Florida State as anytime a sports team finishes in the top 10 it is an accomplishment. Ranked ahead of teams like Texas and Virginia is great but for those who follow college baseball closely know that in no way are the Seminoles a better team. The high ranking compounded with an unforeseen trip to the CWS and sending home UF will also allow a terrible coach to stay in place at Florida State. Of course I am talking about the much maligned Recruiting Coordinator and Pitching Coach Jamey Shouppe. Another season goes by and another decline in the pitching staff, the regression of pitching at Florida State is unacceptable as they become nothing more than league average. The future does not look bright for Florida State pitching as they stand to lose players who made significant contributions in 2010 and will have to rely on unproven underclassmen to step up, expect an even greater regression in 2011. If you don’t know by now we here at Tomahawk Nation are a group focused on the process and not the short term results. While the season was deemed a success due in part to the end results the process in which FSU achieved those results IS NOT repeatable and will only set back the baseball program for years to come.