4 Videos of Fisher, Ponder, and Dawkins from ACC Media Days


Some very good questions asked of everyone including questions about EXPECTATIONS. Also, the expected questions about difference in Fisher and Bowden. Some good answers given by all 3 to this question. Video #1-Quick Jimbo highlights (1:35)-"There's too much at Florida State, to not be successful." Video #2-One-on-one with Jimbo (1:43) #3-Link to story, meh. #4-Christian Ponder interview (4:16)-Many subjects covered even his thoughts on EJ Manuel. #5-Everett Dawkins (2:59)-"It's never been about athleticism with us, it's just been small things like learning the plays, actually knowing what to do, knowing the whole defense...trying to learn the new schemes...trying to learn the new playbook."