Jimbo Fisher can set tone for discipline at Florida State

The Sentinel's narcissistic gaturd Homer and resident douche-bag Mike Bianchit, never misses an opportunity to bring up Seminole indiscretions, most often as back-handed remarks in his own patented scummy and weasely way. However in this article, while still snarky in some respects, he does somehow manage to squeeze in a few good points while also surprisingly managing to take few shots at his alma matter and their slimy coach, Herban Liar. Here are some of my favorite quotes from Bianchit's story. He [Fisher] has, after all, endured his first major arrest as the head coach of the Florida State Seminoles. Only a couple dozen more and he will be able to compete with Urban Meyer's Gators. -and- When I asked Fisher if he would use Carr's arrest to set an example and send a message, he replied, "I can' worry about that. I've got someone's life in my hands. I'm going to treat him just as I would treat my own child. … This breaks my heart because he's somebody's baby. … You hate to see allegations like this ruin a young man's life." -and- Again, the Seminoles have a long way to go before they can catch the Gators. Carr's alleged victim was at least alive. If you'll recall, former Florida player Jamar Hornsby was arrested two years ago and charged with using a dead woman's credit card. -and- As the Nigel Carr investigation progresses, the question Jimbo Fisher may have to ask is this, "Do you want anybody on your team who is a thief?" He wouldn't be the first coach in this state to answer, "How big of a thief are we talking about?" Is it just me, or in his closing sentence is he taking a Bianchit on Hervan Crier?