James Wilder Jr. Done Taking Visits


Normally, I wouldn't post a fanshot of a recruit's travel plans. This, however, is potentially very big news. James WIlder Junior is a consensus top-3 player in the country. He had long been thought to be a Gator, but recently skipped UF's camp to spend an extended weekend in Tallahassee. Now comes news that he is done taking visits. He's been to Gainesville plenty of times, so don't read into it as if he is passing on a visit to Gainesville. However, he will not take a planned visit to UGA this weekend. Whether FSU leads for Wilder is debatable. What is not debatable, no matter where Wilder ends up, is that Lawrence Dawsey and Eddie Gran have done an incredible job getting a kid like Wilder to seriously consider the FSU program after a very rough 5-year stretch. Though the offense has been on a meteoric rise over the last 3 years. And it is the offense that really matters here. Wilder is intent on playing running back, though most think he would be the consensus #2 player in the country if he was committed to playing outside linebacker. Like his father, however, he is one heck of a running back. And he has to seriously question whether UF will let him stick at running back, and whether that offense is suited for his skills.