When Christian Met Jimbo

The way Christian Ponder tells the story, he and Jimbo Fisher first met in the lunchroom, by chance. This was almost four years ago — back in January 2007 — on the first floor of the Moore Athletics Center on the Florida State campus. Fisher, now the head coach, was the Seminoles' new offensive coordinator; Ponder a little-known freshman quarterback. "I don't even think he knew who I was," Ponder said Monday. "He was just talking — probably talking about hunting or something." That was Ponder's first impression of Fisher. Fisher's first impression of Ponder? "Very quiet, very serious," Fisher said Monday. "You could tell he was a smart guy — carried himself very well. -and- "That first day," Ponder said, "I remember we had a run check, a zone check. And I checked it to the wrong side and he right away jumped on me — and it kind of caught me off guard. I wasn't expecting that. "So ever since Day One, he's ridden me." That's the thing about the Fisher-Ponder relationship. No matter how far Ponder has come during the past two seasons — from surprise starter in 2008 to confident leader a season ago — he still hasn't come far enough, according to the man whose opinion matters most.