Yahoo! Sports Report Links UNC Assistant Coach To Agent's Payroll


I normally wouldn't link an article like this on a game week, but you need to go read this. UNC could be in enormous trouble. As in UNC would receive the death penalty were it a repeat offender. These could be the most serious sanctions since SMU. "North Carolina is about to really become a basketball school -- because it may not have a football program after this." - Sports Illustrated's Andy Staples "Yahoo story pounds some very detailed nails into North Carolina's football coffin." - ESPN's Pat Forde "Asst coach taking money from agent to steer players would be most devastating NCAA case in years. UNC football may be in huge trouble. UNC still has decent recruiting class for 2011. Doubt that lasts. School has a ton to offer, but not much of a football future"- Dan Wetzel (Yahoo! Sports & NY Times) "Where is this UNC case headed? I will quote the venerable Gene Smith:"It always falls back on the institution.' Reggie Bush wasn't a USC employee. John Blake was asst. head coach on payroll -- and allegedly on the take. Risking jrs and seniors at UNC need to start looking at transfer ops. major sanctions mean no sitting out."- Dennis Dodd, CBS "It's not unheard of for coaches to serve as runners. It is unheard of for them to get caught. If thats UNC, then it makes case significant." - Andy Staples "The fact that Blake is acknowledging & talking aboutt getting $ from an agent w SoS is devastating for UNC's athletic admins. On. The. Record."- Synergy Sports Representation