I'll Map You Up!

******Update 2/10/11********

This is a work in progress. If you did not respond the first time, you may do so by this weekend to be included in the final map which will be published in the very near future. Remember to put either the number of years ago you graduated, or the year of your graduation, if you would like to be included in the members profile data.


fsugrizz's great idea got me to think of one. I make maps as part of my living using a Geographic Information System (GIS). So, when I see a bunch of geographic data points, like those in fsugrizz's post, I think maps. However, instead of naming cities and states, it is much more efficient to use ZIP codes when making maps in a GIS.

For those of you willing to give up your ZIP code (hopefully that's not getting too personal), I will map your location on a U.S. map and post it on TN. Also, if you would be willing to give one more piece of info, it could even get interesting. If you could also give an indication of when you graduated, I could create a thematic map which will color the points according to ranges of years since graduation.

So, just reply to this message in the exact format below:


Years X

If you didn't graduate from FSU, you can put something else after Years, like Gata. And if you don't want to put the years, just leave it blank. After (and if) I get a decent amount of responses, I'll post a map, and updated as more responses come in.


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