Thursday Senior Bowl Notes - Afternoon Practice


"Among the quarterbacks of the South team, Florida State's Christian Ponder continued to impress with his sense of the little things - like how he'll shoulder-fake an oncoming defender and hit an accurate intermediate pass off his back foot. Ponder doesn't hit every target, and his arm isn't a howitzer, but the one thing I keep coming back to when I talk about his play this week is that he always seems to be under control because he has a solid grasp of the fundamentals. Mike Mayock of the NFL Network said today that Ponder talked with him about the differences between throwing to his own receivers, and what he's doing here with a new set of targets. While he may have been directed to throw before a receiver makes his breaks under Jimbo Fisher, he might have to throw a laser in Mobile because he's been told to make his throw after the break." (via Shutdown Corner, Yahoo Sports)