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Florida State Seminoles vs Virginia Cavaliers: Gameday Central


When do you feature a picture of a punter on gameday central? When that picture is of Shawn Powell who will be playing his last game in the Doak. Do not weep for Shawn. He will be making bank soon enough. Senior LB Nigel Bradham will also get his shot along with CB Mike Harris. For other senior 'Noles, the future isn't quite as clear. Beau Reliford, Terrance Parks,  and Jermaine Thomas may not find their way to the next level. However, they have played hard for the garnet and gold and 'Nole Nation wishes them the best as their college careers come to a close. What is on the line for Florida State? A win against UVA will give the 'Noles their first 6 game win streak since 2004. 

 You will notice the few games highlighted below are...less than spectacular. I apologize but I have no control over the SEC choosing to play 4 FCS teams on the same weekend (seriously, 4). But as noted it's senior day. Which means that football is almost over. So cherish these last couple weekends. With the off season looming, there are no bad games. Well, except those SEC vs Southern Conerence match ups. Seriously, I'm not watching those.

Oh and as I write this, Iowa State beats #2 Oklahoma State. Seriously. Oklahoma and Oklahoma State both lose games that they are 4 TD favorites to win. You hear that 'Noles? FOCUS!

Full Schedule at SB Nation

Noon Games

12:00 PM ET 16 Nebraska 8-2 at 18 Michigan 8-2 ESPN

12:00 PM ET 17 Wisconsin 8-2 at Illinois 6-4 ESPN 2

12:30 PM ET Georgia Tech 7-3 at Duke 3-7 ACC Network

Afternoon Games

3:00 PM ET Maryland 2-8 at Wake Forest 5-5 Raycom Sports

3:30 PM ET 7 Clemson 9-1 at NC State 5-5 ABC (ESPN mirror)

3:30 PM ET Miami-Florida 5-5 at So Florida 5-4 ESPN U

4:00 PM ET Boston College 3-7 at Notre Dame 7-3 NBC

7:30 PM ET Virginia 7-3 at 25 Florida State 7-3 ESPN 2 FSU vs UVA Preview

1st Quarter

2nd Quarter/Halftime

3rd Quarter

4th Quarter