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Embarrassed in Atlantis

When the brackets were set up for the Battle-4-Atlantis Tournament, it was clear the organizers wanted a UConn-FSU matchup on the final day. And they're getting what they wanted, only it's in the 3rd place game after UCF beat UConn and FSU lost to Harvard. It took 19 possessions and over 11 minutes for FSU to get on the board against Harvard, and it took a Harvard 3-pointer with 4 seconds left for the two teams to avoid setting a new NCAA record for futility in the shot clock era. They combined for only 28 points (14-14) which tied the record.

The 2nd half wasn't much better as the Seminoles scored two points in the first seven minutes. The theme for the night was turnovers and missed layups. The Noles turned it over 16 times in a 62 possession game (25.8%) which matches their season average. If that doesn't get at least partially corrected this will likely be the worst offense since coach Hamilton's 1st season. For this Tournament they're averaging 0.79 points per possession, which is awful.

Defensively, FSU once again showed why they're the best defense in the country. Going against an offense who's worst outing of the season was 1.12 points per possession, the Seminoles held the Crimson to 0.74 per possession, and that includes three gift trips to the free throw line as FSU tried to foul their way back into the game. It's quite possible that this defense is better than last years (which was best in the nation).

Michael Snaer was the only player on either team to reach double digits, and he led the way with 10 points.

FSU faces UConn tomorrow at 2 pm EST.