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Florida State Seminoles vs Florida Gators: Gameday Central

It's the last regular season weekend for many football teams. 'Nole fans aren't too upset over that as they are already in 'there's always next year' mode. Indeed, with a loss to Virginia last week, the season earned the dreaded FAIL label. However with a win against hated rival Florida, FSU could prevent the season from turning into a disaster.  UF is down this year, but the 'Noles haven't won in the Swamp since -- wait for it -- the Chris Rix come back drive of 2003. Despite UF playing Ron Zook quality football, the 'Noles will have their hands full. UF's very good defensive line should give FSU's hodgepodge offensive line all sorts of trouble. If there is any gas left in the tank for FSU's defensive front, the UF o-line could also be in for a long day. All in all it could be one very long, very ugly, field goal heavy game. If FSU wins they earn the 'state champion' title and the Gators drop to .500 for the season. Yes, this game is on ESPN 2 and no, it is not being talked about by the national media. But this game means a lot to the players and the fans. It doesn't matter what the records are. It's FSU/UF, so get excited. I SAID GET EXCITED! GO NOLES! 

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12:00 PM ET 13 Georgia 9-2 at 23 Georgia Tech 8-3 ESPN

12:00 PM ET Ohio State 6-5 at 15 Michigan 9-2 ABC

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3:30 PM ET 2 Alabama 10-1 at 24 Auburn 7-4 CBS

3:30 PM ET 5 Virginia Tech 10-1 at Virginia 8-3 ABC or ESPN 2

3:30 PM ET 19 Penn State 9-2 at 16 Wisconsin 9-2 ESPN

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