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Tomahawk Nation's 'We Already Won' Gameday Central

Florida State already took care of business against Boston College Thursday night. That means 'Nole fans will have plenty of time to watch other games this Saturday. Let's see who's up this weekend. We have Ball State @ Eastern Michigan in the noon slot and Ol' Miss @ Kentucky in the 3:30 (LOL SEC! SEC!). Let's see here, what's to watch in the evening slot. We have New Mexico at San Diego State. Bet that will be a barn burner. Or, OR, I guess we could join the rest of the globe in watching LSU @ Alabama (LOL SEC! SEC!...wait...)

This game has all the ingredients of a great one. It's #1 vs. #2,  LSU vs Bama, Bayou Bangles vs. The Tide, The Hat vs. all those horrible words used to describe Nick Saban by people that don't give a crap about Bear Bryant.  There has been some of the finest trolling in the history of college football <---that, is some serious game. There has also been odd discoveries. Like if either OT goes down for LSU, they might have the perfect walk-on back up already wearing an LSU uniform, kinda. Unfortunately, when they go to make the major motion picture that is sure to follow the game, they will find that the best possible title has already been used. Not for the reason you think. Little known fact: Les and Nick like to enjoy a post game milkshake together. 

Whichever teams you are rooting for today, join us here and discuss. Below is a selection of games that I'll try to watch, and no, Ball State didn't make the cut. 

Full TV Schedule at SBNation

Noon Game Thread

12:00 PM ET 15 Michigan 7-1 at Iowa 5-3 ESPN

12:00 PM ET Texas Tech 5-3 at 21 Texas 5-2 FX

12:21 PM ET Vanderbilt 4-4 at Florida 4-4 SEC Network

12:30 PM ET Virginia 5-3 at Maryland 2-6 ACC Network

Afternoon Game Thread

3:00 PM ET Duke 3-5 at Miami-Florida 4-4 Raycom Sports

3:30 PM ET Texas A&M 5-3 at 6 Oklahoma 7-1 ABC

Night Game Thread

7:15 PM ET 9 So Carolina 7-1 at 7 Arkansas 7-1 ESPN

8:00 PM ET 1 LSU 8-0 at 2 Alabama 8-0 CBS

8:00 PM ET 14 Kansas State 7-1 at 3 Oklahoma State 8-0 ABC