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FSU vs UNC Greensboro Preview and Game Thread

Welcome to a game which FSU should not be playing. In the season preview I gave the Seminole Athletic Department kudos for putting together a schedule which was a great improvement over recent seasons. But still, some glaring mistakes were made, and playing UNCG is one of them. Just by playing them FSU's RPI will take a hit, which means that even if the Noles win by 50 they still hurt their chances and/or seeding in the NCAA Tournament. UNCG is an awful team and they are a lock to have an RPI greater than 300.

UNCG is 2-7, but one of those wins came against and NAIA school which doesn't count. Their other win is over Towson, who are 0-9. UNCG's offense is ranked 265th and their defense is ranked 324th. I had predicted that South Alabama would be the worst defense FSU faced all season, and I was wrong. UNCG is even worse than I expected.

To keep this game from being a complete waste FSU should treat it like a free scrimmage. Pound the ball into the interior and immediately attack. If the double-team comes then kick it out and rotate it (if need be). Dribble-drive when their defense is chasing. Do the things needed to score against legit teams. FSU will win this game no matter what they do, so they might as well game plan as if the other team was better than they actually are.

The game tips at 1pm on Fox South (or NESN, Yes, etc.. depending on where you live) and ESPN3. Vegas and Ken Pomeroy both have FSU -26.