First Annual Tomahawk Nation Award Nomination Thread

Everyone knows that the internet is serious business. And serious business deserves serious recognition. So, in the spirit of overly self-important awards shows everywhere, your editors are pleased to present the First Annual Tomahawk Nation Awards.

This is the nomination thread. You, the reader, will have the opportunity in this thread to suggest nominees for the following categories:

Story/Editorial of the Year

Comment of the Year

FanPost of the Year

Commenter of the Year

Best New Commenter

DocHoliday2 Memorial MS Paint Award

TrickNole Self-Fulfiling Prophesy Award

In order to make the final poll and be eligible for the corresponding incalculable measure of internet credibility that comes with winning a "Tommy™", someone will need to nominate a person, story, or comment for a particular category, and that nomination will need to be seconded (i.e. recommended/turned green). In the event there are too many nominees for a particular category for the polling software to handle, staff will narrow the field before publishing the final poll sometime next week.

In order to keep this thread somewhat orderly, please post nominations in the following format, with one nomination per post:


If you can, a link to the post or comment would be helpful as well.

Have fun and good luck to all those who might be nominated!


(K-Man, pictured above, hopes to take home his first real Tommy™).

Fanposts are a section for the fans and do NOT reflect the views of Tomahawk Nation.