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Tomahawk Nation's Bowl Pick'em

It's time to extend the Tomahawk Nation Pick'em to the bowl season. It's your last chance of 2011 to watch and enjoy football. Prove just how much/little you know. Just like the regular season, make your picks based on the spread. Championship Game will be the tie breaker.

To get in, go to and look for the Bowl Championship Series. Click Join Pool.

Pool name: Tomahawk Nation Bowl Games

Password: fsufootball

Sorry for the timing. If you miss the early games, don't worry, you can still select the games that start on the 26th. However those games will all be locked after that date so do them all at once. Best to just make all your selections now and tweak after if you feel the need.

For the regular season, congratulations to Travnole (runner up is Kylefsu02, so close, but trav had the tiebreaker). His football knowledge is superior to yours. Bow down. A look at the top 10:

1 travnole 194-134 194 (*)

1 Kylefsu02 194-134 194

3 nole_it_all 192-136 192

4 caine115 188-140 188

4 Gulfport Nole 188-140 188

4 bluegillz 188-140 188

7 Robert's guess 187-141 187

7 BostonNole 187-141 187

9 EABbGD's Picks 186-142 186

9 Jd_nole_37 186-142 186