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Tomahawk Nation's Gameday Central: State Champion Edition

"I will do something that the announcers call me crazy for doing. It will win me the game."
"I will do something that the announcers call me crazy for doing. It will win me the game."

Unfortunately this is not 'Tomahawk Nation's Gameday Central: ACC Championship Edition.' For that we'll have to just wait another year an undetermined amount of time. However, Florida State did beat both instate rivals. This accomplishment fuels another year of bragging rights and will keep my blood warm through the harsh 40ish degree Tallahassee winter. But since FSU is not playing in a conference championship game, you are forced to look into the memorizing eyes of The Hat. CAN'T...LOOK....AWAY....

In the Noon slot we have some Big East action coming at you. You could not pay me to watch this game. I would rather watch Joe Bauserman and OSU play 12 straight quarters, offense only, against Alabama's defense. For those of you not familiar with Joe, here is his passing completion chart. Think UConn misses Randy Edsall yet? I bet Randy Edsall misses UConn but I digress. Also in the nooner, Houston takes on Southern Miss. Both are ranked. Will Case Keenum continue to throw for ridiculous yardage? Or will a very good (?) Southern Miss team match up well with, uh, those guys on Houston's WR corps? Who knows, I haven't payed attention to either (over/under is in the 70s so that should keep it interesting. I guess.)

In the afternoon slot we have Texas vs Baylor. Texas is not ranked, Baylor is. Baylor has reached 8 wins for the first season since the colonial period (for an idea of what players looked like then, see picture of Wisconsin o-lineman). If Robert Griffen III of Baylor is not considered for the Heisman, it should be considered a crime. Hopefully RGIII of Baylor has 5 rushing TDs and 10 passing TDs against Texas to secure his invite and the #1 spot. Oh yeah, there's also that SEC Championship game. If LSU manages to lose, expect game announcers/football analysts to use the word 'chaos' no less than 100,000 times before Sunday. It will be annoying. LSU needs to win so we can all make it through College Football Final without throwing things.

Have to hand it to ESPN, they did a great job spacing out the championship games here for our last weekend of football watching enjoyment. Three ranked teams playing 3 ranked teams. ESPN wants to ensure you have to head to your local sports pub to catch all the action. ESPN therefor wants you to be an alcoholic. Tell your wife/husband/significant other it's ESPN's fault you have to go out for 'a while.' No telling what will happen in the Wisconsin/Michigan State game. Perhaps Wisconsin will find a way to lose not just once, but twice on a hail mary in the same game. What does Oklahoma and Oklahoma State have in common? They both lost games in which they were 28 plus point favorites. Ouch. Should still be a great game to watch. Oklahoma State has a lot more on the line as they have the closest shot at playing in the championship game. That means they'll lose.

Finally, we get to Dabo. Oh Dabo, thank you for being you. If you don't feel like clicking that, just know that Dabo spent time and energy complaining about something Steve Spurrier never said about Dabo or Clemson. Clemson has lost 3 of their last 4 games including an absolute whooping at the hands of NC State. I'll be honest. I was sure just a month or so ago that Clemson would not melt down. Sure, 1 maybe 2 losses, but not melt down. I was wrong. And it's glorious. What's wrong with Clemson? Well, apparently a lot. There is probably quite a bit riding on this game for Dabo. Get blown out by VT, maybe lose a bowl game? Dabo might start feeling the heat. Even worse, what if his coaches get poached? Could get interesting for an emerging FSU rival (sorry I got all serious there).

Well that does it. We'll bring back Gameday Central for the FSU bowl game (TBD) and perhaps a thread here and there for the better bowl games. Enjoy your football Saturday.

Full TV Schedule at SB Nation

Noon Games

12:00 PM ET Connecticut 5-6 at Cincinnati 8-3 ESPN

12:00 PM ET 24 Southern Miss 10-2 C-USA Championship 6 Houston 12-0 ABC

12:30 PM ET Iowa State 6-5 at 16 Kansas State 9-2 FSN

Afternoon Games

3:30 PM ET Texas 7-4 at 17 Baylor 8-3 ABC

4:00 PM ET 14 Georgia 10-2 SEC Championship 1 LSU 12-0 CBS

Night Games

8:00 PM ET 5 Virginia Tech 11-1 ACC Championship 20 Clemson 9-3 ESPN

8:00 PM ET 10 Oklahoma 9-2 at 3 Oklahoma State 10-1 ABC

8:17 PM ET 15 Wisconsin 10-2 Big Ten Championship 13 Michigan State 10-2 FOX