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Florida State 2012 Recruiting Update: Jessamen Dunker

Continuing our coverage of the 2012 Florida State class, we have a update on FSU target Jessamen Dunker. Dunker is a 6'6" 315 pound offensive tackle out of Boynton Beach High School. Florida State offered him today. Dunker hadn't played football since the eight grade, and is surprised that his first season of football has generated so much interest. Florida State was the first of the big three to offer Dunker, and Florida quickly followed. Along with two of the big three, he also holds offers from Georgia, South Carolina and UCF. Miami is expected to follow.

Along with not having played football since his eight-grade year, he is also new to South Florida having grown up just outside of Atlanta. Dunker's father played college baseball for the University of New Haven, so there are some athletes in his family. He will throw the shot put this Spring in addition to Spring football.

As for his recruiting plans, it seems that Dunker is taking the smart approach and not rushing things. He indicated that he wants to explore all options before making a decision. Dunker lists no favorite and plans to visit Florida this weekend, Miami the next, and Florida State the week after that.

TN Take: It is universally accepted that Florida preps Jon Theus and Avery Young are two of the top tackles in the country for the 2012 class.  Dunker's not there yet, but based on his film, Dunker could be a third elite tackle prospect from the Sunshine State when all is said and done.  Dunker shows impressive power for a to-be senior.  It's clear that he is still getting acclimated to his enormous body, as he'll be dominant one play, and ineffective the next.  After realizing that he hadn't played since the eight grade, it makes a lot more sense.  This is a kid who is athletic with a tremendous frame.  He will benefit a bunch from simply playing more football and the coaching that comes with those extra snaps.  FSU will likely take three offensive linemen in the 2012 class and Dunker is certainly good enough to be one of the three.