The Jimbo Fisher Contract Is Exhibit A For Student-Athlete Hypocrisy


Apparently this guy hates capitalism, football and/or FSU. Love how he felt the need to use a stand up guy like Jimbo to make his point. Sounds like a sour Miami fan if you ask me... The NCAA clearly states that its mission is primarily to people as students, and secondarily as athletes. The NCAA is composed of, and run by its members, who are the educational institutions that provide opportunities for students to be athletes. So the universities create the creed that these players are students first. But the devil is in the details – a two-fold detail in this instance. Beyond the broad bold mission statement is first the fact that the football coaches are the ones who oversee those student athletes during the majority of their collective waking hours, and probably the single greatest source of subliminal messaging when sleep. So the implementation of student-first policy is primarily left to the coaches. Secondly, these coaches are under contract with the member institutions and the devilish detail in those contracts is the incentives clauses buried therein.