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Seminole Bracketology for February 7th

With Selection Sunday less than five weeks away the NCAA coverage is now all about the bracketologists. Most of the brackets are updated on Mondays, and here’s where FSU is at. Remember, these are "if the season ended today" type prognostications, not predictions of what the actual tournament will look like. I’m only including human generated brackets which will be graded at year end and ranked according to accuracy. And bear in mind that under the all new and remarkably stupid 68 team format that the last four at-large teams will be in a one-game playoff to make the field of 64 as 12 seeds.

Seeds, and links to brackets after the jump.

 The 7’s

Bracket Predictions

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The 8’s


Bracketology 101

Bracket Watch

The 9’s


Daily Bracket

The Hoops Report

The 10’s

Beyond the Arc NBC

The 11’s

Bleacher Report