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Tomahawk Nation Members Mapped Up

Editors note:  This map and story was put together and is courtesy of BookemDanole. Please click on the image for a larger version, then click again to zoom.  Also, at the end of the story, there is a link (in red) where you can super-zoom in to a regional/state level using the magnifying glass feature.  Many thanks to Dan for taking the time to put this together for us.

UPDATE:  If you would like to be included in this map and have not yet posted your zip and graduation year, CLICK HERE NOW to be included in the final map which will hopefully post sometime next week.2qa5vk0_medium

The results are in! Thank you all for your contribution, especially considering you basically did the same thing on Grizz's post. First, some stats*:

*All stats below reflect responses received as of Monday evening (1/31)

Geographic Summary:

    * The post received 279 unique responses

    * Responses from 4 countries, 33 states, and 1 province

    * Some geographies worth noting: Jamaica, UAE, Hawaii and Canada

    * Average distance from FSU: 555 miles (all points), 515 miles (minus UAE and Hawaii)

    * Farthest respondent: UAE - 7,750 miles;

    * Closest? Guess? (Answer: < 1 mile)

    * Most unexpected: Again UAE (Jamaica a close second)

    * One Navy Nole, two Rattler Noles and two Gata Noles responded

Year summary and counts:

    * Noles in Training: 11

    * 5 and less: 60

    * 6 to 10: 47

    * 11 to 20: 46

    * 21 to 30: 25

    * > 30 years: 11

    * Gerascophobia: 79

TN members get mapped up