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Selection Sunday for the Noles

Florida State earns a 10 seed and will play Texas A&M in Chicago of the Southwest region

Where will FSU end up? Enough has fallen our way this weekend that we should be comfortably out of the play-in games, and oddly enough our loss against Virginia Tech may be the blessing we needed to avoid the 8/9 game. I think we're virtually a lock for a 10 or 11, with 11 being more probable. That would leave us playing a 6 seed in the first round, and should we advance it would be against the winner of the 3/14 game for a trip to the Sweet 16.

What about the ACC? Again, enough has gone right this weekend that six teams has become a possibility. I think 5 is still the overwhelming favorite, though the possibility of 6 is now slightly more likely than 4. The game to watch today is the Atlantic 10 Final where Dayton has a chance to sneak into the tournament with a win over Richmond. Richmond is 95% in with a loss, so a Dayton win would eliminate a bubble team. BC probably has the most sweating to do, closely followed by Clemson.

The Selection Show begins at 6pm on CBS.