The Renegade Report - Spring Practice Week 1 Recap


As we count down to the Spring Game on April 16th, Herc & Nolebra Kai are back to recap the 1st week of spring practice. In PART 1 of our discussion, we look at the few storylines that have developed. Starting receiver Willie Haulstead will miss a couple of weeks with slight shoulder separation. First team running back, Chris Thompson missed a couple of practices due to some lower back pain. Jermaine Thomas is back at practice, although it appears that he’s still in Jimbo’s doghouse. In addition, there’s been a shakeup on the offensive line. In PART 2 of our discussion, we discuss why we think the Noles should run some 4-2-5 defense this season. As we look at the Noles roster headed into the 2011 season, there is a lack of experienced depth at the linebacker position. However, there is much more quality depth in the secondary. Because of that, Herc & Nolebra Kai believe Coach Stoops should and will run more 4-2-5 defense this season. After you listen to the podcast, take a look at the TCU Defensive Playbook to get a better of idea of the coverages and responsibilities in this defense. As you know, TCU runs the 4-2-5 as their base defense and have been very successful at it for years.