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Hurray for Spring! Photos and a Few Notes on the Garnet and Gold Game


UPDATE: Added a few more photos that I thought worthy of sharing.

FSU fans got lucky. A nasty cold front moved through a bit ahead of schedule and gave fans a perfect day to get outside and enjoy the annual Garnet and Gold spring scrimmage. After the jump, just a few thoughts on the photos, as Bud has given a perfectly fine analysis of the game and what we should take from it. Note: You can make the photos larger by clicking on them. Get back to the story by clicking back in your browser.


Coach Fisher was in the middle of the action as you will see from some of the photos, always watching, making notes, and evaluating.



A couple Noles that are out of action Luc and Spurlock. But they were sure to be at the game to support their teammates. 


EJ Throws. Not a lot of time for the QB's to throw as I'm sure any casual viewer would be aware. 


Lined up.


Trickett handing off to D Freeman. Wish we got to see more from the running backs but with the QBs scrambling for their lives just wasn't much we could expect from the RBs. However, I am really excited about Freeman as he showed enough in the scrimmage that he may earn quite a few snaps this year and will be an excellent addition to the running game. 


Was disappointed that Haggins got dinged up. Was hoping to see more of him. Saw a ton from Dent and quite a bit from Christian Green. Both look like they will add solid depth to the receiving corps. 


Trying as best as he can to hang in the pocket, or what is left of it. 


Tank and Jenkins running, completely free, at the QB. Only one of the oline seems to be aware that the QB is about to reciever a death blow (good thing the dlineman couldn't hit the QBs, It would have been a short day and FSU would be out of quarterbacks). Hope this happens a LOT during the year.


Watching, critiquing. 


One of the few runs for Jermaine Thomas, not a lot of room. 


Defense waiting for instructions.


Bjoern being held, because well, that was the only way they could stop him, when they stopped him. 


RUN FOR YOUR LIFE SECORD! Seriously, run for your life OMG THE HORROR!


Good look at EJ standing tall in the pocket with the man that convicned him to come to FSU over his shoulder. 


PA to Freeman.


Greg pointing out a short punt. Powell was on the sidelines and we got to see what the backups were capable of (not terrbile but not exactly great).


LP getting the carry. 


Toe meets leather. Leather sails through upright. Hopkins banged in a 60 yarder. Very impressive. If there was a rush maybe he wouldn't have had such an outstanding day but it is good to know that your kicker has elite range. Right Clemson fans? Right.


Williams did look good from what I remember. Here he diagnosis the run, fills the gap, and makes the tackle.


Nole fans are hoping Haggins only suffered a minor tweak. 


One of the few times a QB had clean pocket and time to throw without scrambling, rolling out, or otherwise running for their life. 


Tank engages. 


Tank destroys, keeps going. Also Dawk cannot be stopped. 


Give me a hug! And one of the many, many recorded sacks. 


I agree with Bud, Christian Jones is a freak. Also agree that 22 is going to be very difficult to keep of the field. He is everywhere, simply outstanding football instincts. 


DJ Elliot and Stoops gathering the troops.


Smith adjusts to the ball. 


Great hands. Hope Smith continues to build on last year. Really wish we got to see EJ throwing to more of the older receivers as I'm sure they have developed some great chemistry. Good thing the first couple games are pretty much scrimmages. We'll get to see plenty of it (I hope) before big bad OU comes to town.


Haulstead on the move. Glad that he was able to play though he didn't do much. He did throw his body in there and mix it up. At the least he showed that he should be plenty ready for fall ball. 


Attention aspiring olineman: This is NOT where you want to have your butt in relationship to your feet. Because when Dan Hicks gets you in this position.....


...he blows past you and will try and kill your QB.


It was a great afternoon for the Garnet and Gold game. One fan sitting in front of me was getting frustrated with EJ and other QBs.  I tried my best to explain that when you have so many olineman out and then have to split the remaining players into two teams, you aren't going to have exactly stellar protection. The game was certainly messing at times but not necessarily because of lack of execution , but because some of the best players were not on the field and the ones that were, were not all on the same team. If everyone gets healthy and they continue to improve, FSU should have the pieces to put together a great year. Right now, in April, plenty of time for optimism. 

Update: Few more photos!


Christian Jones taking down Ty Jones. Jones on Jones brutality.


Finishing the job.


Can't wait to see an even better Dawkins this year.


If this had been a real game there would have been approximately 65 holding penalties.


Need to click on these cropped photos for better viewing.


Throw and catch.


Think this was actually the last play of the scrimmage where the walk on got stuffed a couple yards short of the goal line.