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Florida State Recruiting Board 2012

Let's talk Florida State recruiting!  We know that Seminoles recruiting is a big topic with our readers.  And it's only getting bigger now that FSU signed the #1 recruiting class in the country.  We hope this Florida State Recruiting Board will assist you in familiarizing yourself with these recruits.  We've linked free film on 99% of the players listed on the board.  Watching the film is very important.  If you want to talk recruiting with your fellow 'Noles you should know have some basis for your opinion.  Don't just take the word of someone on another message board.  Click it:

Florida State Recruiting Board 2012

On the Florida State Recruiting Board you will find big names including quarterbacks Jameis Winston, Zeke Pike, Sean Maguire, Chad Kelly, Bennie Coney, Patton Robinette and Greyson Lambert.  Florida State will definitely try to land running backs like Barry Sanders, Jr., Jovon Robinson and others.  Those are just a few of the notable names on the list. 

But this is an unofficial board of recruits who are either receiving interest from FSU,  have expressed interest in FSU, or are likely to do so in the future.  It is our contention that it is too early to do a ranked board, and thus we are going with the watch list format until later in the summer.  The players will not be ranked in any specific order until later in the year.

There are several reasons for this.  First, we feel that the recruiting process is too sped up at this point.  Written offers are not even being passed out yet, per NCAA rule.  Plus, many kids are still being discovered, and more importantly, are still developing physically.  At this time last year few knew about Devonta Freeman, who would turn out to be one of the best running back prospects in the country.  Few knew about or thought Arrington Jenkins, Ruben Carter, Josue Matias, Tre Jackson or Sterling Lovelady would end up in Tallahassee.  A lot of kids emerge in Spring and Summer.  For those reasons, we do not want to put out a ranked board.  Look for that later in the year, when we have more information with which to put it together.  The board currently sits at about 150 players.  We expect it to swell to over 200 after Spring football, and will then whittle it down as we receive more information on the players.  

How many prospects will Florida State take at each position?  We do not know.  The coaches do not even know at this point.  We do know, however, the bare minimum FSU will look to sign at each position.  It's any excess that is up in the air.  

We encourage you to watch the film and talk about the prospects in one of the Recruiting Discussion Threads (right sidebar). Follow me on twitter for up to the minute FSU recruiting info: