Ex-Florida State QB Christian Ponder now Christian "SuperBowlWinner"


Anyway, here’s the best part of the more than seven-minute interview. Pretty early on, Patrick asks Ponder "Is Ponder a good name for a quarterback?" It came right after Ponder answered a somewhat more serious question about what he was hearing with regard to his draft status. The former Seminoles quarterback likely will be taken early in the second round or late in the first round of this weekend’s NFL draft. Hearing Patrick’s second question, Ponder laughed a little. "Why? Because you say I overthink things? is that what you’re trying to imply?" Ponder said, jokingly. Then … the punchline: "As crazy as it sounds, my mom’s maiden name is actually SuperBowlWinner. Isn’t that crazy?" Patrick told Ponder he ought to consider changing his surname to his mom’s maiden name. "Now is that hyphenated?" Patrick asked. "No, it’s all one word," Ponder said.