Our thoughts and prayers with those in today's tornadoes.


Here's the video. "Possible winds up to 200 mph. Worse than any storms I’ve seen even in Oklahoma. Could have been unavoidable, even in a storm shelter. Nothing people could have done to survive." - CNN Weather Expert As some of you know, I used to live in Tuscaloosa. To give some perspective for Tallahassee residents, imagine if a tornado, as wide as Tennessee Street to Gaines Street, wiped out everything from the Capital building to the Stadium. (Mile wide tornado). My best friend's house is was right next to that Chevron gas station you see in the video. They all ended up unharmed physically as they were not home. A large amount of TN posts were done at that house between morning and evening classes. Correction, one of them was actually in the house. He did survive. "smith was in the house when it got leveled. they were in that utility closet across from my bathroom (side of house). bricks were flying in hitting them while they were hiding." Crazy