Top Rick Trickett Quotes, who was filling in for Jimbo Fisher during a recent Seminole Booster...

Top Rick Trickett Quotes, who was filling in for Jimbo Fisher during a recent Seminole Booster Tour Many thanks to TN member harper.rb who brought this to our attention after finding it at the Florida Sportsman forum, and which was posted there by Seminoleken. Ive had the pleasure of spending the last 2 days with Coach Trickett on the tour and needless to say he's a quote machine. For you recruitniks, he said after tonight he was going to New Mexico, Arizona, Washington DC and Pittsburgh in the next 4 days. "We identify the guys we want and we go get them. We wanted Fahrenkrug and flew to the Dakotas in freezing cold weather. We had to de-ice the wings before we could fly home. It cost us over $20,000 to charter the jet, but we got him." On Jose Matias: "All he ever says is 'Hey sir, yes sir, no sir.' If he never says anything but those 3 things, we will get along fine." "Things got so bad this spring that at one time we had 3 freshmen and a walk on tight end at tackle on my line. It doesnt matter though, because we are still going to line up and beat your ***. "I teach all my interior linemen to play center because you just never know. I worked Rodney Hudson at center every day he was here and he will be thanking me because that's where he is projected to play in the NFL." "I get tired of these recruiting services trying to say who is the best prospect in the country and who i should be recruiting. I really can't stand that NFL guy, what's his name? Mel, yeah Mel Kiper Jr. He knows about as much about football as a Japanese space pilot." "These magazines said I had the best Offensive line class in America. Some of them say I'm the best offensive line coach in America. Hell I don't know. Jimbo Fisher says I'm the best coach. He ought to say that because I got him every coaching job he's ever had." "Jimbo and Will Muschamp own a house here at the beach. If I owned it with him, he would pull up one day and it would be painted Garnet and Gold. He could stay in it or get it painted, but I would damn sure do it. Will was on staff at Auburn with me and Jimbo, he's a good coach, they will be alright." "When me and my wife got married I didnt make much money. We would save up all year and go to Destin for a week every year. The 1st time we went, we had our 1st son right after that. The 2nd time we went. we had our 2nd son. A few years later we go and then have our 3rd son. We still go to Destin every year, except now she goes in May and I go in June." On the early enrollees: "I had already sweated about 20 lbs. off each of them. The 3 of them were sitting there with those big puppy dog eyes thinking I should still be in high school and going to the prom. I was going to get on them but I kind of felt sorry for them, so I just walked away. "When I got here, I went into the weight room to meet with the Offensive linemen already here. I saw them all with their shirts off and just about went back and called Rich Rodriguez and asked for my job back." Thanks again to harper.rb Source: Posted by Seminoleken on the Florida Sportsman forum