LIVE closing arguments in Ereck Plancher v. UCF trial.


Although not directly related to FSU, this trial may be of interest to FSU fans because: A) Plancher died in an eerily similar way as FSU player, Devaughn Darling, down to the same sickle-cell trait. Some have linked Darling's death, and the subsequent changes to mat drills, as a cause of FSU's decline in the 2000's. 2) UCF, although not a direct rival, has been on the rise (relatively speaking). Recently, UCF stole 3 really good recruits out of UM's backyard. They also won their conference last year. d) Steve Yerrid is the Plancher's attorney. He is a well-known trial attorney with multiple million-dollar awards. iv) Admittedly, I have not been following this case closely. However, some are saying a verdict in favor of Plancher could change the landscape of college football. I don't know if this is hyperbole or a legitimate possibility.