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Florida State Win Prediction Poll - Pre-summer Practice 2011

It just so happens I have a friend of mine who is a professional gambler.  Every year since my freshman year of college, we've gotten together and broken down the upcoming season, and we have a method.  We call it "proportional win shares".  You can call it whatever you want, but I think you'll see how it's more effective than simply assigning "win" or "loss" to the games. 

The idea is simple:  assign a winning % to each game.  For instance, you could say that FSU has an 80% chance of beating Maryland (0.80), or that they have a 50% chance to beat UF (0.50).

We knew that last season was huge on weight gains for the defensive side of the ball. Jacobbi McDaniel has said he's at his max. goal weight (~300), but wants to work on agility at his size. Rumors are out that Amp McCloud is up to 320. I've seen Amp at 295 - the man is already barrel-chested and was as wide as a truck. FSU could still be adding significant weight to the defensive side of the ball, so that could be a factor.

This is your chance to show us how good or bad you think Florida State will be. It's simple.  "How likely is FSU to win in each game?"

Take the survey HERE! Please only select one option per answer.We've closed the survey, after 735 responses! Way to go, TomahawkNation!

For posterity, you may view user results HERE (click to see your results). However, we encourage you to only view these once you've submitted your own predictions in order to minimize inducing any further bias.

We'll provide some summary statistics here, or in a follow-up article for those of you scared of spreadsheets.