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Quick Look: ESPN150 Commitments by Conference

ESPN150 commitments by conference (through 7/26)
Conference ESPN150s Teams w/1 or more
1 ACC 18 3
2 Big12 23 7
3 BigEast 1 1
4 Big10 6 4
5 CUSA 0 0
6 MWC 3 2
7 Pac10 9 5
8 SEC 24 8

The 2012 recruiting cycle should be pretty interesting. The ACC, though 3rd place in total numbers, has a pretty high average of ESPN150 recruits. But that's only because FSU (8), Clemson (5), and Miami (5) are getting these elite players. The Big East and Conference USA are neck-and-neck heading toward obscurity. The Big12 has quite a few commits, as well as teams getting at least 1 elite player. I'm a little surprised at the low totals for the Pac10, but it is still early in the recruiting cycle. And the SEC is recruiting better than almost every other conference top-to-bottom.

Link to ESPN Recruiting Scorecard