Nominate Tomahawk Nation for the BWB Untitled Sports Media Awards Project


Blogs With Balls - which is, for those who don't know, "the leading sports new media event series in the country," - is planning a "Untitled Sports Media Awards Project" in the run up to its annual conference scheduled for some time this fall. As the BWB website explains, this project is, in part, an effort to recognize the best bloggers out there: "There are literally hundreds of different awards shows in entertainment, media and sports, but none of them have acknowledged a growing list of great internet sports writers who certainly deserve the recognition. So we thought we’d create one." Since we all know that TN is the best blog on the net, I thought we all should help the hard working staff get some well-deserved recognition. BWB is accepting nominations for multiple categories that TN qualifies for, including: Best Sports Site - Writing Quality, Best Team-Specific Site, Best Sportswriter, Best Audio/Video/Radio Podcast, etc. So lets get out the vote Noles!