Report: Florida State discussing jump to SEC -


Very interesting times here for FSU. Unfortunately, we may not have the athletics leadership in place to handle this situation aggressively enough. A team like Missouri is in play if the deal falls through. Also consider that FSU has no leverage to break into the SEC: There are just as many reasons to keep FSU out (recruiting, competition against current members) as there are to let them in (increased conference clout, additional quality of athletics and academics). FSU athletics should love to bolt from the ACC. FSU is the most important school for the ACC, financially. And yet the ACC insists on scheduling a marquee game (@Clemson) a week after we host the Sooners. And, while arguably forced into it via the ESPN / ACC TV deal, making FSU play a road game a thousand miles away, at night on a Thursday with 4 days rest, doesn't seem like much incentive toward any ACC solidarity on FSU's part.