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FSU Fall Open Practice Discussion Part 2


Once you are done savoring the delicious radioactive fallout served up by the Nuclear Assassins over at Yahoo Sports,  jump for some links to additional open practice video. 


If you missed Tomahawk Nation's earlier "award winning" open practice coverage, click here.



FSU Fall Open Practice 2011 (G5 pass break up) (via uvm44)

Chris Thompson up the Middle

EJ to Reed (10 Yd TD)

Los Williams and T. Hunter PBU

Coker to Little


FSU Fall Open Practice 2011 (Haulstead Square in TD) (via uvm44)

Coker to Abram

Haulstead Deep TD

Hopkins works on longsnapping

Jernigan offsides, Oline freeze play

Coker Slant to Greene

FSU Fall Open Practice 2011 (EJ Sprint out to Dent) (via uvm44)

G5 Endzone breakup

Dline Stunting and Getting Pressure

Bert Reed "Jet Sweep"

Jernigan Spin Move

EJ Play Action to Smith

Chris Thompson Outside Zone

Sean Powell Punting

EJ to Haggins

EJ/Freeman Zone Read

Coker throws fade to Christian Green

EJ to Pyror, another G5 Int

Various QB's Throwing Square Ins

FSU Fall Open Practice 2011 (EJ to NOL, Square Out) (via uvm44)

EJ to Little

NOL Runs over coach

Various TE Square In Work