Greg Reid was arrested last night on misdemeanor charges of perjury not in an official proceeding...


Greg Reid was arrested last night on misdemeanor charges of perjury not in an official proceeding and resisting / obstructing w/o violence. We'll assume Reid did nothing wrong and await final disposition of the case. File here

This happened in Leon County and not in Valdosta, for those wondering. Greg is accused of covering for his friend who was using a scooter in a traffic stop. The friend allegedly fought with officers after being stopped on the scooter. Greg did not fight with anyone or flee. Reid has not been charged for threatening the officer. Did that really happen? Or did the officer take his statements out of context / sequence? It's theoretically possible that he could be charged with that. TIME OF ARREST (ARRESTEE IN PHYSICAL CUSTODY): 2:58 AM DEFENDANT NAME: Greg Reid DOB: 9/8/90 FACTS TO SUPPORT ABOVE CHARGE(S): On 9/26/11, at approximately 2:30 AM, I made consensual contact with the defendant at 1520 Jackson Bluff Rd. (BP Gas). Prior to making contact with the defendant, Ofc. Roa #374 and I had conducted a traffic stop on a scooter that we later determined to belong to the defendant. During the traffic stop, we attempted to detain the operator [not Reid] in handcuffs. The operator [not Reid] responded by physically fighting with us. During the altercation, the operator [not Reid] was able to evade capture by officers. That investigation lead Ofc. Roa and I to make contact with the defendant for the purpose of determining and identifying who was using the defendant's scooter. The defendant advised us that his roommate and his friend, later identified as the operator of the scooter (Rontrel), were the only two persons who had permission to have his scooter. Ofc. Roa asked Reid how long he knew Montrel. Reid replied that he knew Montrel from his hometown. Reid's response was board [sic] without any specific information being offered. While replying to Officer Roa's line of questioning, Reid failed to maintain eye contact. Officer Roa responded back to Reid by asking another question however, referring to "Montrel" by his real name of Rontrel. Reid paused and looked at Officer Roa with a blanket [sic] stare on his face. Officer Roa then revealed to Reid that he knew his friends actually name based on gathered online intelligence. Reid then quickly backtracked as he changed his response and said, "Rontrel, Montrel,..I call him Trel". Prior to Officer Roa revealing his information, Reid never referred to Rontrel as Rontrel or Trel. Reid then stated that he did not know Rontrel very well. Reid now continued to distance himself from using the name Rontrel. As we furthered our initial investigation, I asked if the defendant would mind providing us with a sworn written statement. The defendant agreed and I swore him in. After swearing him in, I advised him that providing false information on the sworn statement constituted the criminal offense of perjury. The defendant stated that he understood. On the sworn statement the defendant identified his friend as "Montrel Frazier". This occured after Ofc. Roa spoke to the defendant and purposefully informed him that he was aware of his friend's true name (Rontrel not Montrel). Ofc. Roas investigative efforts lead him to positively identify the operator of the scooter as "Rontrel Frazier". During the investigation, Ofc. Roa learned that Frazier and the defendant have been friends and both are from Valdosta, Ga. The defendant's Face Book page also has multiple photos of him and Frazier together. This lead Ofc. Roa to believe that the defendant knew his friend's true name, but purposefully attested that this name was "Montrel" to subvert officer's investigative efforts. Ofc. Roa then advised me that the defendant was purposefully deceiving us in an attempt to mask the true identity of his friend, and our primary suspect from our initial investigation. We then advised the defendant that he was under arrest and placed him in handcuffs. Search incident to arrest, Ofc. Roa located an outgoing call from the defendant to Frazier at 2:29 AM via his cell phone. Officers began chasing after Frazier at approximately 1:40 AM. The phone number called was 229-232-7005. The associated name in the phone is "TFraz". The defendant had previously misled us in stating that he was with his girlfriend and had not had any recent contact with Frazier. Ofc. Roa also found the following text messages that were received at 1:41 AM, "U good", "Be careful they got all stadium blocked off". At 2:14 AM the following text messages also appeared on his phone, "Y'all made it home safe", "U got your scooter", "How u managed to find him lol", "Oh so you gonna say it was stolen", to which the defendant replied, "I don't have a choice I guess". While officers were attempting to apprehend Frazier, officers had created a perimeter which included blocking of Stadium Dr. While transporting the defendant to the Leon County Jail, he asked if "I had family" and stated "he feels bad for them" and mentioned "pay back". The defendant's scooter was towed by Lake Jackson and classified to be released to owner as the defendant's DL was suspended and he continually stated that he did and did not want the scooter towed. Florida State University Police was noticed about this incident and an FSU PD Officer was present during most of the investigation. The defendant was charged with obstruction because he purposely attempted to subvert officer's efforts to identify and locate Frazier during the initial investigation. He is also being charged with perjury because he lied on a sworn written statement after stating that he understood that lying on the statement constituted the offense of perjury. Impact: minimal. These are misdemeanors and FSU has a bye week followed by games at Wake Forest and at Duke. A two to three week suspension might be warranted here.