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Tomahawk Nation's Final BlogPoll for the 2011Season

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LSU deserves #1, so does Alabama, especially taking into account the criteria we set forth doing this blogpoll. Alabama was/is better than LSU and LSU was very fortunate to win the first game against the Tide. I thought about ranking LSU #1 based on overall schedule and the fact they won at Alabama and played an extra game against a very good Georgia team in the SEC Championship. But the beat down that took place in the championship game trumps that. If LSU kept it at least close, I think LSU is #1.

For any blog/AP voter that chooses LSU for the top spot, they aren't in the wrong. Does Oklahoma State have equal rights to claim the #1 spot? Perhaps. Either way, I'm sure the powers that be will work out a fair, amicable system that takes all parties interests into account and is best suited in deciding the number 1 team in all the land.*

For Florida State fans, FSU finishes in the top 25. After a 2-3 start this is perhaps...acceptable. Though a win over Virginia and a better bowl game and FSU could have finished much higher. We will do a preseason ranking at the beginning of next week ( I know, I know, what is the world coming to) and be on the look out for the second annual season end review, perhaps this weekend.

Inside find the rankings. There will be sound arguments for moving any team a bit up or down. If you see any glaring errors, make it known in the comment section (thinking maybe we can boot BYU and put back USC even though they were not allowed to play in a bowl). Also, if you have ideas for a top 25 preseason ranking, let us know. We've had some great input this year and have tried to adjust the poll accordingly. It will be the same drill next year.

*This will never happen. Ever.