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The 2011 Tomahawk Nation Tommy Awards: The tricknole Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Award

Our fifth Tommy Awards category is our second endowed with a namesake. The tricknole Self-Fulfilling Prophecy award will go to the post that Tomahawk Nation believes displayed the greatest amount of cerebral foresight at the time of its writing. First, though, click and cast your vote for each of our four previous categories if you've yet to do so.

Story/Editorial of the Year

Fanpost of the Year (Low vote total)

DocHoliday2 MS Paint/Photoshop Award

Best New Commenter

Today we have six nominees. The nominated posts all contain predictions that ultimately came to pass. It's your job to decide which of these was the wisest/best-reasoned/etc.

A. "Will Florida State Have A 'really good, dominant defense'?" - Bud Elliott

2. "Defensive Line Will Provide Opportunity for Bradham to Show Out" - Scott Crumbly

D. "Seven Questions to Answer for the Fall" - Wild@Heart Nole

IX. "Spring Position Battles" - CJNole

Lavender. "Oklahoma Offensive Success: A Preliminary Look" - FSU

$. "Coach Fisher's Flawed Logic on the QB Situation" - Fsued

Vote with the sagacity that these posts displayed.