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The 2011 Tomahawk Nation Tommy Awards: Commenter of the Year

Today we begin the process of handing out an extraordinary honor. To be named Commenter of the Year is to be selected by the community as the poster with the best body of commenting work over the last year out of 6,404 (as of this moment) members. But, first thing's first - vote for our previous five awards if you've yet to do so.

Story/Editorial of the Year (voting closes tomorrow!)

Fanpost of the Year (voting closes Saturday)

DocHoliday2 MS Paint/Photoshop Award

Best New Commenter

tricknole Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Award

The penultimate award of our series will go to one of these five nominees one week from today. Deliberate carefully, then cast your vote in the poll at the bottom of the page.

A. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater - The famed king of sarcasm, wit, and chronicling of statistics had a spectacular 2011. DKN and his loyal staff combed through the film of each game to provide a wealth of information to the TN community and somehow found time to compile an astounding volume of informative and hilarious comments as well. A tip of the hat to the good doctor - a strong candidate for TN's commmenter of 2011 and the hands-down winner for testicle of the year.

2. onebarrelrum - Despite implications from his screen name, OBR's comments are remarkably lucid for the vast majority of the time. He has served his time under the aforementioned doctor compiling play-by-play statistics throughout the 2011 season, also serving as TN's resident blogpoll manager. OBR has consistently provided informed and funny commentary and is also quite worthy of community recognition.

D. FSU - Our resident female strategy analyst has shaken off allegations of performance-enhancers stemming from having two brains inside of her by remaining an excellent commenter after the birth of her daughter. Always well-informed and witty, FSU provides excellent information from a standpoint of inside-program logistics. We are glad to have FSU as a oft-contributing TN member and proudly nominate her for Commenter of the Year honors.

IX. LouC/TheJim - This pair of commenters is like the Tomahawknation version of MasterBlaster. We're not really sure which one of them is the little guy in this dynamic-duo, but that's really neither here nor there. The thought provoking discussions LouC and TheJim provided over the course of 2011 in relation to the ongoing conference-realignment-musical-chair-marathon was nothing short of amazing.

Lavender. Michael@TN - Since joining the TN staff, Michael has been dominating the recruiting forums like Charlie Weis dominates a Shoney's breakfast bar. His incredible insight on recruit potential as well as fully-researched factoids on combine numbers have bolstered the recruiting side of Tomahawknation in a way that might be easy to take for granted by the casual reader, but is undeniably appreciated by the TN staff.