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The 2011 Tomahawk Nation Tommy Awards: Comment of the Year

Our final Tommy award will go to the best comment of 2011. Before we get to that, we must first do this - vote for our previous six awards if you haven't yet.

Story/Editorial of the Year (voting closes tonight!)

Fanpost of the Year (voting closes tomorrow!)

DocHoliday2 MS Paint/Photoshop Award

Best New Commenter

tricknole Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Award

Commenter of the Year

Today's award is the grand finale - Comment of the Year. As there were a great volume of official nominees for this award, we refrained from adding any others to the final list. Below you'll see the comments presented in their original form. Select your favorite and then vote in the poll below for the best comment on Tomahawk Nation during the year 2011.

A. Onebarrelrum


2. Dr.KennethNoisewater


D. aznole85


IX. Nattylite


$. FSU5410


Lavender. MasterWolf


69. Coonhound


Ochenta y cinco. DRusso97


Thanks for all your votes! A big shout-out to Nattylite for helping to put this series together. Here's to a memorable 2012 for TN!