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Tomahawk Nation 2012 Community Mock Class

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With National Signing Day only weeks away, we are conducting a group of surveys to get a general consensus of how the TN community thinks FSU's 2012 recruiting class will shape up. There are four different surveys, each with 10 questions or less. The surveys are divided up based on whether the prospects are projected to play on offense (including kickers and punters) or defense and whether the prospects are committed to FSU or uncommitted or committed to another school.

Each question will give the name of a prospect with multiple choice options ranging from 0-10, with 0 representing no chance that the prospect signs with FSU and 10 representing that the prospect is a lock to sign with FSU. Also, on the uncommitted defense prospects survey, the last question provides you with the option to add any prospect to your class that was not named in the prior surveys.

The corresponding links are below. Please only complete each survey once.

The polls are now closed. Thanks to everyone who participated.