Big XII Commissioner Says Schedule Will Include WVU


"But our conference fully expects West Virginia to participate in the Big 12, beginning July 1, 2012," Neinas said. "We've had continual assurances from [WVU] President [Jim] Clements and Athletic Director Oliver Luck [the Mountaineers] will be here to kick off the new year." The Big 12 commissioner said his league hasn't made scheduling plans to move forward for 2012-13 without West Virginia. "No,'' he said. "We have a schedule with West Virginia. We have a contractual commitment with our television partners that we must release a schedule by Feb. 1 and we will do that. "Aside from our television partners, our schools are anxious to release their schedules and we'll meet the required deadline." As you know, Florida State has a game with WVU scheduled for September 8. I am told that FSU wants out of this game, and WVU certainly wants out if it goes to the Big XII, as it will play nine conference games. Let's see if the commissioner is correct.